The Problem

Early detection of breast cancer by mammography allows more treatment options and reduction in mortality.
However, catching cancer is difficult in patients with a dense breast tissue and in poor quality images.
Nowadays, radiologists rate mammographies in terms of breast density and diagnostic quality,
which leads to:
  • More Administration

  • Long Waiting Times for Patients

  • High Costs for Institutions

  • Doctor-depended Decision

  • High Administrative Burden on Radiologists

Today mammography lacks of a fast and robust assessment for mammographic breast density and image quality for
improved breast cancer detection and reduction of health care costs.
Our Solution


We allow accurate and standardized evaluation of medical imaging data for better breast cancer detectability. Our algorithms perform as good as experienced radiologists are fast, and robust. Technology is used at the service of patient care.


We provide the specialist with intelligent tools providing a second, standardized opinion for a faster a better daily care of patients. Our algorithms are trained according to international guidelines (ACR, BI-RADS, PGMI).


We support the daily work on the side of the technician. We allow specialists to constantly improve the quality of their performances.


International standard of procedures requires traceability of quality performances in radiology. We provide institutions, for the first time, with the possibility of complying with international regulations in a sustainable way. 









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Automatized quality checks support my visual inspection. I have more time for my patients and better imaging data for diagnosis.

Dr. Magda Marcon, Radiologist University Hospital Zurich

Real-time assessment of breast density and image quality substantially reduces examination time in the screening setting and in this way also costs.

Dr. Denis Wetter, Radiologist Kantonsspital Münsterlingen Thurgau Breast Cancer Screening Program

An intelligent tool targeting a compelling need in mammography. The b-box meets our goal of providing excellent care to every patient.

Dr. Sophie Dellas, Radiologist University Hospital Basel and Basel Breast Cancer Screening Program

A work and educational support for the technical specialist on the front line.

Flora Kelecsenyi, Technician University Hospital Zurich

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