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29 September - 1 October I Malmö & Online

How do we support the daily work at the breast unit by Artificial Intelligence ?
Learn more about the b-box, our end-to-end platform for breast cancer diagnostics at the EUSOBI-2022.

With our lean plug and play platform, we integrate and host a cluster of curated and proven AI algorithms for the digitalization of processes in breast cancer diagnostics.

The b-box supports audits and certifications with the automatic generation of Key Performance Indicators for the whole institution, for the single operating centers, and for the key professional figures. Our b-quality suite assesses the diagnostic quality of each mammography in real-time and in compliance with the PGMI criteria.

The b-box monitors the performances of the breast units and of the key professional figures over the whole volume of data and real-time. Multiple AI algorithms support the employee’s progress, praise their accomplishments, and support the improvement of the employee’s performance to better achieve the unit’s quality objectives.

With the b-density suite, automatic BI-RADS compliant breast density is classified real-time for accurate stratification of high-risk women.

Discover the next generation of products for detection and classification of lesions and calcifications at the EUSOBI-2022.


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