Our Vision

b-rayZ is devoted to the development of AI solutions for radiology.
Our products are developed by keeping in mind the needs of radiologists and patients.

  • ADDED VALUE for patient and radiologist
    How can the radiologist provide higher quality examinations and reports with less effort and lower operating costs?

    How can the radiologist take advantage of AI solutions without giving away the control on the medical procedures?

    How can the radiologist trust a machine that is not thinking as a specialist?

Our solutions help the radiologist in the daily routine work. We offer transparent solutions that mimic the decision making of the specialist. We empower radiologists and allow them maintaining the control on the medical procedure for a better quality of care.

Our Strength

We are medical imaging specialists and radiologists working for imaging specialists and radiologists.

  • In deep knowledge of clinical procedures in radiology
  • Strong scientific record in data analyses

  • Legally regulated access to medical imaging datasets of trusted medical partners.

Our Team

Prof. Dr. Andreas Boss
Prof. Dr. Andreas BossCo- founder
Member board of directors
Senior consultant at the radiology department of the university hospital Zürich and responsible for breast imaging and QM. Andreas has an MBA and a master in physics.
Dr. Cristina Rossi
Dr. Cristina RossiCEO
MR-phycist and data analyst at the radiology department of the university hospital Zürich. Cristina works on imaging data modeling and is co-coordinator of the clinical research priority program HYRENE.
Dr. Alexander Ciritsis
Dr. Alexander CiritsisCTO
MR-phycist and data analyst at the radiology department of the university hospital Zürich. Alex develops deep learning algorithms for medical imaging processing. He speaks fluently four languages.

Ready when You are

Our technology and continuous strives for improvement have the sole aim of supporting patient care in clinical sites.
Join the future of radiology.

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